Definition of Clean slate

1. Noun. An opportunity to start over without prejudice.

Exact synonyms: Fresh Start, Tabula Rasa
Generic synonyms: Chance, Opportunity

Definition of Clean slate

1. Noun. (nautical) a slate on which the courses steered by a ship (and distances run) were recorded, but have been wiped clean after being entered in the log at the end of a watch ¹

2. Noun. (context: by extension) a fresh start ¹

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Literary usage of Clean slate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Balfourian Parliament, 1900-1905 by Henry William Lucy (1906)
"CHAPTER XI THE clean slate The Writing on the Slate. — Joy in the Ministerial Camp. — A Twentieth Century Job. — Lord Rosebery. — Tidings of Great Joy for ..."

2. Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad (1900)
"'I always thought that if a fellow could begin with a clean slate . ... A clean slate, did he say? As if the initial word of each our destiny were not ..."

3. A Dictionary of Political Phrases and Allusions: With a Short Bibliography by Philip George Cambray, ., Hugh. Montgomery (1906)
""clean slate." The policy of the " clean .slate " was the advice given by Lord Rosebery to the Liberal Party in a speech at Chesterfield on December 16, ..."

4. The American Journal of Psychology by Edward Bradford ( Titchener, Granville Stanley Hall (1900)
"The skeptic holds one end of clean slate in one hand and the medium the ... A clean slate put on floor under the table. Hands of sitter and medium are ..."

5. England in the Seven Years' War: A Study in Combined Strategy by Sir Julian Stafford Corbett (1907)
"It is very seldom we have had a clean slate to work on—never indeed for long except in ... As an episode the clean slate may also occur hi mixed wars, ..."

6. Report by Tasmania Dept. of Mines (1907)
"A winze was sunk for 42 feet from this level below the old stopes overhead ; but it only showed clean slate, with a small seam of pug on footwall. ..."

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