Definition of Clean bill of health

1. Noun. An assurance that someone is healthy or something is in good condition. "The doctor gave him a clean bill of health"

Generic synonyms: Assurance

Definition of Clean bill of health

1. Noun. A bill of health that states that there is no infectious disease present in a ship, or its port of departure. ¹

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Literary usage of Clean bill of health

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum (1900)
"CHAPTER XVII 4 clean bill of health at Mauritius— Sailing the voyage over again in the opera-house —A newly discovered plant named In honor of the Spray's ..."

2. The London Medical Gazette (1851)
"... or from what port in the Mediterranean —yea, even though she possesses a clean bill of health, and has had no sickness on board while at sea. ..."

3. Report of the ... Annual Conference by Association for the Reform and Codification of the Law of Nations Conference (1875)
"Every vessel provided with a clean 'bill of health,' which shall not have had, whilst at sea, any case of' disease' or suspicious communication, ..."

4. Public Health Papers and Reports by American Public Health Association (1880)
"Every vessel provided with a clean bill of health, which shall not have had while at sea any case of disease or suspicious communication, and which shall ..."

5. The Medical Times and Gazette (1879)
"... there was no evidence of any contagious disease among those on board, the ship was released from temporary quarantine and a clean, bill of health given. ..."

6. The Medico-chirurgical Review by James Johnson, Henry James Johnson (1846)
"The Commissioners propose that no clean bill of health should be granted when a pestilential epidemic prevails or appears to be impending in the place of ..."

7. Short Talks on Personal and Community Health by Louis Lehrfeld (1920)
"Clean Streets Essential for a Clean Bill of Health ' I^HE campaign for cleaner streets which is being conducted in all earnestness by all cities is a very ..."

8. Report by Jacob Merritt Howard (1869)
"We speak of a vessel's having a clean bill of health, or having accounts of fever or disease, &c. Q. What does the bill of health state ? ..."

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