Definition of Cloth

1. Noun. Artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers. "She measured off enough material for a dress"

Exact synonyms: Fabric, Material, Textile
Generic synonyms: Artefact, Artifact
Specialized synonyms: Aba, Acrylic, Aertex, Alpaca, Baize, Basket Weave, Batik, Batiste, Belting, Bombazine, Boucle, Broadcloth, Broadcloth, Brocade, Buckram, Bunting, Calico, Cambric, Camel's Hair, Camelhair, Camlet, Camo, Camouflage, Canopy, Canvas, Canvass, Cashmere, Cerecloth, Challis, Chambray, Chenille, Chiffon, Chino, Chintz, Coating, Cobweb, Cord, Corduroy, Cotton, Canton Flannel, Cotton Flannel, Crape, Crepe, Cretonne, Crinoline, Damask, Denim, Dungaree, Jean, Diamante, Diaper, Dimity, Doeskin, Drapery, Duck, Duffel, Duffle, Elastic, Etamin, Etamine, Faille, Felt, Fiber, Fibre, Vulcanized Fiber, Flannel, Flannelette, Fleece, Foulard, Frieze, Fustian, Gabardine, Georgette, Gingham, Grogram, Grosgrain, Hair, Haircloth, Herringbone, Homespun, Hopsack, Hopsacking, Horsehair, Jaconet, Jacquard, Khaddar, Khadi, Khaki, Knit, Lace, Lame, Imitation Leather, Leatherette, Linen, Linsey-woolsey, Lint, Lisle, Mackinaw, Macintosh, Mackintosh, Madras, Marseille, Metallic, Mohair, Moire, Watered-silk, Moleskin, Monk's Cloth, Moquette, Moreen, Motley, Mousseline De Sole, Muslin, Nankeen, Mesh, Meshing, Meshwork, Net, Network, Ninon, Nylon, Oilcloth, Olive Drab, Organza, Paisley, Panting, Trousering, Pepper-and-salt, Percale, Durable Press, Permanent Press, Piece Of Cloth, Piece Of Material, Pilot Cloth, Pinstripe, Pique, Plush, Polyester, Pongee, Poplin, Print, Quilting, Rayon, Rep, Repp, Sackcloth, Bagging, Sacking, Sailcloth, Samite, Sateen, Satin, Satinet, Satinette, Screening, Scrim, Seersucker, Serge, Shag, Shantung, Sharkskin, Sheeting, Shirting, Shirttail, Silesia, Silk, Spandex, Sponge Cloth, Stammel, Suede, Suede Cloth, Suiting, Swan's Down, Taffeta, Tammy, Tapa, Tappa, Tapestry, Tapis, Plaid, Tartan, Terry, Terry Cloth, Terrycloth, Ticking, Toweling, Towelling, Tweed, Twill, Upholstery Material, Velcro, Velour, Velours, Velvet, Velveteen, Vicuna, Viyella, Voile, Wash-and-wear, Waterproof, Web, Webbing, Whipcord, Wincey, Wire Cloth, Wool, Woolen, Woollen, Worsted, Yoke, Pina Cloth
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Definition of Cloth

1. n. A fabric made of fibrous material (or sometimes of wire, as in wire cloth); commonly, a woven fabric of cotton, woolen, or linen, adapted to be made into garments; specifically, woolen fabrics, as distinguished from all others.

Definition of Cloth

1. Noun. A woven fabric such as used in dressing, decorating, cleaning or other practical use. ¹

2. Noun. A piece of cloth used for a particular purpose. ¹

3. Noun. A form of attire that represents a particular profession. ¹

4. Noun. (context: in idioms) Priesthood, clergy. ¹

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Definition of Cloth

1. fabric [n -S] - See also: fabric

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Literary usage of Cloth

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Notes on Nursing: What it Is, and what it is Not by Florence Nightingale (1860)
"12mo cloth, f 0 75 Home Influence. 12mo cloth, Women of Israel. 12mo cloth, I 60 Vale of Cedars. 12mo cloth, 15 Woman's friendship. 12mo cloth, 75 The Days ..."

2. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1897)
"12mo, cloth, gilt top, $1.50. THE FEASTS OF AUTOLYCUS The Diary of a Greedy ... 16mo, oblong, cloth, gilt top, 75 cents. LINGUA GEMMAE A Language of Gems. ..."

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