Definition of Collectives

1. Noun. (plural of collective) ¹

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Definition of Collectives

1. collective [n] - See also: collective

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Literary usage of Collectives

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Comparative Grammar of the Gaudian Languages: With Special Reference to by August Friedrich Rudolf Hoernle (1880)
"The multiplicatives are identical with the collectives or aggregates; ... collectives. 405. The following words are used to express some aggregate sums: ..."

2. Critical Grammar of the Hebrew Language by Isaac Nordheimer (1841)
"The deviations from ordinary usage to which we allude, are such as take place for the most part with collectives, and depend on the nature of such nouns, ..."

3. A Grammar of the Hindi Language: In which are Treated the Standard Hindí by Samuel Henry Kellogg (1876)
"The cardinal numbers are often used as collectives, without any change of form. Derivation of the Numerals. 186. The Hindi numerals aro all derived from the ..."

4. A Hand-book of the English Language: For the Use of Students of the by Robert Gordon Latham (1860)
"Sometimes we have collectives. In these the form is Singular, ... As all collectives give at once the ideas of unity and of plurality, consider, ..."

5. A Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges by Herbert Weir Smyth (1916)
"On plural verbs with collectives, see 675. Cp. 722. 696. The inhabitants of a place may be implied in the name of the place ..."

6. Norwegian Grammar and Reader: With Notes and Vocabulary by Julius Emil Olson (1907)
"... my knife is three and two eighths inches long. collectives. 105. The most common collectives are: ct Par, a couple, a pair. en Snes, a score. et Dusin, ..."

7. A Theoretical and Practical Grammar of the French Tongue: In which the by Jean-Pons-Victor Lecoutz de Levizac, Stephen Pasquier (1833)
"Of these nouns, some are collective, and others abstract. collectives express either a whole mass, as une arm ft, ..."

8. A Reference Grammar of Classical Tamil Poetry: 150 B.C.-Pre-Fifth/Sixth by V. S. Rajam (1992)
"... 17 collectives AND UNIVERSALS GENERAL: In classical Tamil, some forms, which are to be treated as nominals, provide a sense of "totality" to nouns or ..."

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