Definition of Common louse

1. Noun. Head or body louse.

Exact synonyms: Pediculus Humanus
Generic synonyms: Louse, Sucking Louse
Group relationships: Genus Pediculus, Pediculus

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Literary usage of Common louse

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. On Animal and Vegetable Parasites of the Human Body: A Manual of Their by Friedrich K├╝chenmeister (1857)
"This last lobe is followed by the terminal segment, which is notched in the female in the same way as in the common louse. It bears five larger bristles on ..."

2. Histological Demonstrations: A Guide to the Microscopical Examination of the by George Harley, George Thomas Brown (1866)
"The common louse infesting the heads and bodies of the human subject, ... It is distinguished from the common louse by its fiddle-shaped head, ..."

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