Definition of Common mood

1. Noun. A mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact.

Exact synonyms: Declarative, Declarative Mood, Fact Mood, Indicative, Indicative Mood
Generic synonyms: Modality, Mode, Mood
Derivative terms: Declarative

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Literary usage of Common mood

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Creed Or a Philosophy by Thomas Mozley (1893)
"It would not be so if the words were simpler, more emphatic, and more adapted to the common mood. That common mood is not ..."

2. Washington and the Riddle of Peace by Herbert George Wells (1922)
"Possibly. But the French are trained harder in patriotism than any other people. I doubt if it was the common mood. It was certainly not the common mood ..."

3. The Arena by Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress) (1904)
"... a common and oft-recurring mood—a form of consciousness so distinct and well defined, as against other moods, that it may be called a common mood, ..."

4. Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the Year (1892)
"... eon only be achieved by competitive examination» — nay, by u long course of them. . . . The common Mood, aiid still more the common language, ..."

5. The Greek Verb, Its Structure and Development: Its Structure and Development by Georg Curtius (1880)
"Evidently the conjunctive in this ancient record of Arian language is a much more common mood than the optative. Now if we were right in assuming that the ..."

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