Definition of Conelike

1. Adjective. Relating to or resembling a cone. "Conelike fruit"

Exact synonyms: Cone-shaped, Conic, Conical
Partainyms: Cone, Cone, Cone, Cone
Derivative terms: Cone, Cone, Conic, Cone, Cone, Cone

Definition of Conelike

1. Adjective. Resembling a cone or some aspect of one. ¹

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Literary usage of Conelike

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Know Wild Fruits: A Guide to Plants when Not in Flower by Means of by Maude Gridley Peterson (1914)
"The small conelike fruit consists of many coherent carpels, ... When mature, the conelike mass is red and each carpel splits along its outer side. ..."

2. A Source Book of Biological Nature-study by Elliot Rowland Downing (1919)
"Fruit conelike, pointed, upright, composed of long, thin, overlapping, winged seeds. ... Fruit conelike, with a bright-red seed in each division 2. ..."

3. Representative Plants: A Manual for the Use of Students of Botany in by Herman Silas Pepoon (1912)
"Green, hollow, jointed stems and scale leaves; conelike spore structures. Class III. Club mosses. Mosslike plants with conelike spore fruits. BRANCH IV. ..."

4. Poems of American History by Burton Egbert Stevenson (1908)
"Ye say their conelike cabins. That cluster'd o'er the vale, Have fled away like wither'd leaves Before the autumn's gale: But their memory liveth on your ..."

5. Field Book of American Trees and Shrubs: A Concise Description of the by Ferdinand Schuyler Mathews (1915)
"The stamina te flowers in green yellow catkins about 15 inches long; the pistillate about J inch long, ovoid and finally conelike, persisting through the ..."

6. Outlines of Botany for the High School Laboratory and Classroom by Robert Greenleaf Leavitt, Charles Herbert Clark, Mrs. Sophia M'Ilvaine (Bledsoe) Herrick, Asa Gray (1898)
"The resemblance is still further carried out in the conelike spikes that some species bear on upright branches. These spikes are made up of scalelike leaves ..."

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