Definition of Cone friction clutch

1. Noun. A friction clutch in which the frictional surfaces are cone-shaped.

Exact synonyms: Cone Clutch
Generic synonyms: Friction Clutch

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Literary usage of Cone friction clutch

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Machine Design by Forrest Robert Jones (1903)
"... the parts will separate of their own accord with no load on the clutch and when T = 0. Problem.—Design a cone friction-clutch of the type shown in Fig. ..."

2. The Automobile: A Practical Treatise on the Construction of Modern Motor by Paul Nooncree Hasluck (1903)
"... the bearings surrounding the coupling, and tbi> thrust is avoided with the following systems. The Panhard and Levassor new cone friction clutch is shown ..."

3. Machine Design: A Manual of Practical Instruction in Designing Machinery for by Ernest L. Wallace (1919)
"... friction is the sole driving element, hence the problem is to secure as large a force of friction as possible by producing Fig. 48. cone friction clutch ..."

4. Practical Mechanical Drawing and Machine Design, Self Taught by Charles Westinghouse (1906)
"cone friction clutch. The friction clutch, shown in Fig. 195, although simpler in construction than those which have already been described, is open to the ..."

5. Technical Mechanics, Statics and Dynamics by Edward Rose Maurer (1917)
"178 represents a cone friction clutch, used in some automobiles. A is the engine flywheel; the inner face of the rim is conical. ..."

6. The Automobile Hand-book: A Work of Practical Information for the Use of by Leonard Elliott Brookes (1905)
"A form of cone-friction clutch is shown in Figure 69, in which the female member is attached to the rim of the ..."

7. Encyclopedia of Engineering: A Treatise on Boilers, Steam Engines, the by International School of Engineering (1906)
"If a cone-friction clutch should- stick or seize and all ordinary methods fail to loosen it, with the high speed gear in mesh, push the car backward and ..."

8. Modern Engineering Practice: A Reference Library by American School (Chicago, Ill.) (1906)
"The angle a of a cone friction clutch of the typo shown in Fig. 4!>, may evidently he made so small that the two parts will wedge together tightly ..."

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