Definition of Control board

1. Noun. Electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices. "Suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree"

Exact synonyms: Board, Control Panel, Instrument Panel, Panel
Specialized synonyms: Dashboard, Fascia
Generic synonyms: Electrical Device
Terms within: Idiot Light

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Literary usage of Control board

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Control of the Drink Trade: A Contribution to National Efficiency, 1915-1917 by Henry Carter (1918)
"Dr. Sullivan, on " Alcoholism in Glasgow with special reference to the effect of the Restrictive Orders of the Central control board (Liquor Traffic). ..."

2. Steam Power Plant Engineering by George Frederick Gebhardt (1917)
"594 shows the individual control board as installed before each boiler unit in the Northwest ... 595 shows the section control board for each turbine unit. ..."

3. Bibliographical Survey of Contemporary Sources for the Economic and Social by Mildred Emily Bulkley (1922)
"291-4), dealing with restrictive measures of Food Controller and work of Central control board. C Books and Periodicals : Batty, Robert B. ' State Purchase ..."

4. Stores and Materials Control by Madison Cartmell (1922)
"This idle time signal on the control board face is tagged at the time that the idleness started, and is left in place until the quitting time registration ..."

5. Nuclear Legislation: Analytical Study : Regulatory and Institutional by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2000)
"The Governor in Council appoints the members of Atomic Energy control board, and appoints one of the members as president. b) Minister ofNatural Resources ..."

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