Definition of Control center

1. Noun. The operational center for a group of related activities. "The general in command never left the control center"

Generic synonyms: Center, Centre

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Literary usage of Control center

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The ABCs of Safe & Healthy Child Care: A Handbook for Child Care Providers by Cynthia M. Hale, Jacqueline A. Polder (2000)
"... Centers Children's Hospital of Alabama Poison control center 205-939-9201 800-292-6678 (in state) 205-933-4050 ARIZONA Phoenix Tuscon Samaritan Regional ..."

2. Transportation Expressions (1996)by Richard Feldman by Richard Feldman (1998)
"... Personal Casualty on Vehicle CENTER: See Also Air Route Traffic control center Air Traffic Control and Command Center Area control center Arrival Center ..."

3. Environmental Issues in Primary Careedited by Barbara S. Murdock edited by Barbara S. Murdock (1994)
"... Long Island Regional Poison control center (516) 542-2323 Tuscaloosa Alabama ... CALIFORNIA Fresno Fresno Regional Poison control center (800) 346-5922 ..."

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