Definition of Corrugated

1. Adjective. Shaped into alternating parallel grooves and ridges. "The surface of the ocean was rippled and corrugated"

Similar to: Furrowed, Rugged

Definition of Corrugated

1. Verb. (past of corrugate) ¹

2. Adjective. Marked with parallel folds, ridges or furrows. ¹

3. Adjective. Bent into regular curved folds or grooves. ¹

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Definition of Corrugated

1. corrugate [v] - See also: corrugate

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Literary usage of Corrugated

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Structural Engineers' Handbook: Data for the Design and Construction of by Milo Smith Ketchum (1918)
"The following coverings will be described in the order given; corrugated steel, ... corrugated STEEL ROOFING.—corrugated steel roofing is laid on plank ..."

2. The Design of Steel Mill Buildings and the Calculation of Stresses in Framed by Milo Smith Ketchum (1921)
"Industrial buildings are covered with corrugated steel supported directly on the purlins; by slate, clay or cement tile supported by sub-purlins; ..."

3. Archeological Explorations in Northeastern Arizona by Alfred Vincent Kidder, Samuel James Guernsey (1919)
"corrugated WARE TECHNOLOGY : The paste of the corrugated vessels is uniformly dull gray; it is coarse, naturally granular, and contains a heavy admixture of ..."

4. Handbook of Building Construction: Data for Architects, Designing and by George Albert Hool, Nathan Clarke Johnson (1920)
"They are used with corrugated steel, corrugated asbestos, protected corrugated steel. The corrugations diffuse the light and heat rays, preventing glare, ..."

5. The Express Service and Rates by William Henry Chandler (1914)
"Six One-Quart Bottles or Lett in corrugated Paper Bom. •^corrugated paper boxes containing not more than six bottles or glass containers, each of capacity ..."

6. The Design of Walls, Bins, and Grain Elevators by Milo Smith Ketchum (1911)
"corrugated Bar Company Walls.—The retaining walls shown in Fig. 33w and Fig. 33)1 were designed by the corrugated Bar Company. The following data were used ..."

7. Reinforced Concrete by Albert Wells Buel, Charles Shattuck Hill (1906)
"corrugated-bar Construction.—One of the newest forms of construction for arch bridges of reinforced concrete is that in which the reinforcement consists of ..."

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