Definition of Corticium salmonicolor

1. Noun. Fungus causing pink disease in citrus and coffee and rubber trees etc.

Exact synonyms: Pink Disease Fungus
Generic synonyms: Fungus
Group relationships: Corticium, Genus Corticium

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Literary usage of Corticium salmonicolor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diseases of Tropical Acacias: proceedings of an International Workshop held by J. K. Sharma, Kenneth Malcolm Old, Su See Lee (1997)
"A pink to yellowish crust develops later bearing the perfect stage of Corticium salmonicolor. corticium salmonicolor is known to attack various species such ..."

2. A Manual of Diseases of Tropical Acacias in Australia, South-east Asia and India by Kenneth M. Old, Lee Su See, Jyoti K. Sharma, Zi Qing Yuan (2000)
"56 corticium salmonicolor 'cobweb' stage of infection on Acacia mangium (Sumatra) Fig. 57 C. salmonicolor 'pustule' stage on A. auriculiformis (India) Fig. ..."

3. Rubber and Rubber Planting by Robert Heath Lock (1913)
"The malady known as Pink disease, due to the attacks of the fungus Corticium salmonicolor, has much more the appearance of what is commonly regarded as a ..."

4. Rehabilitation of Degraded Tropical Forest Ecosystems: Workshop Proceedings Shigeo Kobayashi by Shigeo Kobayashi (2001)
"Outbreak of pink disease caused by corticium salmonicolor in Eucalyptus grandis in Kerala, India. Tropical Pest Management 30: 253-255. ..."

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