Definition of Couguar

1. a puma [n -S] - See also: puma

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Literary usage of Couguar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of the Earth and Animated Nature by Oliver Goldsmith, Georges Louis Leclerc Buffon, comte de Georges Louis Leclerc Buffon (1810)
"The couguar, when brought into captivity, is almost as gentle as the domestic Cat, allows itself to be caressed, and will permit boys to mount on its back ..."

2. Researches, Philosophical and Antiquarian, Concerning the Aboriginal History by James Haines McCulloh (1829)
"But men who may have crossed the ocean in ships, could not have transported them; for who would have brought the rattlesnake, the couguar, the jaguar and ..."

3. Wanderings in South America, the North-west of the United States, and the by Charles Waterton (1879)
"Unfortunately, the Indian said it was not a jaguar that was roaring, but a couguar. The couguar. couguar is of a pale, brownish red colour, and not as large ..."

4. The Young Folks' Cyclop├Ždia of Common Things by John Denison Champlin (1884)
"couguar. The early settlers in the United States called this animal the catamount, ... The couguar may be easily tamed, and has been known to show much ..."

5. Travels in South America: From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean by Paul Marcoy (1875)
"I may add, that the puma or couguar of Peru is found on the eastern side of the ... The habits of this Peruvian couguar differ from those of the puma or ..."

6. Introduction to Mammalia by Charles Hamilton Smith (1858)
"minated POMA, the couguar of South and North America, distinguished from the rest, ... There remains still the true Black couguar, Puma atratus, Nobis, ..."

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