Definition of Cubic measure

1. Noun. A unit of measurement of volume or capacity.

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Literary usage of Cubic measure

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Scientific American Reference Book by Albert Allis Hopkins, Alexander Russell Bond (1904)
"I , ,, 100 acres 1 hide of land 30 acres 1 yard of land 40 hides 1 barony CUBIC MEASURE. 1728 cubic inches 1 cubic foot' 27 cubic feet 1 cubic or solid yard ..."

2. The Mechanical Engineer's Pocket-book: A Reference-book of Rules, Tables by William Kent (1902)
"Solid or cubic measure,—Measures of Volume. 1728 cubic inches — 1 cubic fout. 27 cubic feet — 1 cubic yard. 1 cord of wood = a pile, 4 X 4 xH feet — 128 ..."

3. Robinson's Progressive Practical Arithmetic: Containing the Theory of by Horatio Nelson Robinson, Daniel W. Fish (1888)
"cubic measure, also called Solid Measure, is used in estimating the contents of solids, or bodies ; as timber, wood, stone, etc. TABLE. ..."

4. Logging: The Principles and General Methods of Operation in the United States by Ralph Clement Bryant (1913)
"cubic measure The chief use of the cubic measure is for the determination of the contents of logs which, with the exception of the bark, are used in their ..."

5. New University Arithmetic: Embracing the Science of Numbers, and Their by Charles Davies (1856)
"413. cubic measure is used for measuring stone, timber, earth, and such other things as have the three dimensions, length, breadth, and thickness. ..."

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