Definition of D

1. Noun. A fat-soluble vitamin that prevents rickets.

2. Adjective. Denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units.
Exact synonyms: 500, Five Hundred
Similar to: Cardinal

3. Noun. The cardinal number that is the product of one hundred and five.
Exact synonyms: 500, Five Hundred
Generic synonyms: Large Integer

4. Noun. The 4th letter of the Roman alphabet.

Definition of D

1. Letter. (Latn-def en letter 4 dee) ¹

2. Number. (Latn-def en ordinal 4 dee) ¹

3. Abbreviation. Defense. ¹

4. Abbreviation. (context US politics) Democrat, especially preceding the constituent location. ¹

5. Abbreviation. Divorced. ¹

6. Abbreviation. Down (direction). ¹

7. Abbreviation. Drive, the setting of an automatic transmission. ¹

8. Abbreviation. (context printing) duodecimo Duodecimo, as adopted by the w:American Library Association American Library Association. ¹

9. Abbreviation. Dutch language. ¹

10. Abbreviation. (context with “The”) The City of Detroit. ¹

11. Noun. (snooker) The semicircle on the baulk line, inside which the cue ball must be placed at a break-off. ¹

12. Noun. a grade awarded for a class, better than outright failure (which can be F or E depending on the institution) and worse than a C ¹

13. Letter. (Latn-def en letter 4 dee) ¹

14. Number. (Latn-def en ordinal 4 dee) ¹

15. Abbreviation. died, death. ¹

16. Abbreviation. (cricket) declared; also abbreviated as (term dec) ¹

17. Symbol. (context: until February 1971) a British penny; an old penny (the modern decimal penny being abbreviated (term p)). ¹

18. Symbol. (games infix) dice to use in a diceroll ¹

19. Symbol. penny, a measure of the size of nails ¹

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Medical Definition of D

1. 1. Symbol for Diopter; for dexter (right), the vitamin D potency of cod liver oil, multiples of which (5D, 100D, etc.) are used to designate the vitamin D potency of irradiated ergosterol (viosterol) or other substances; for deuterium; for dihydrouridine in nucleic acids; for diffusing capacity; for aspartic acid; dihydrouridine; diffusion coefficient (in italics). 2. Denotes a double bond, usually with a superscript to indicate position in a chain (d5); application of heat in a reaction (A B); absence of heat treatment (); distance between two atoms in a molecule; or position of a substituent located on the fourth atom from the carboxyl or other primary functional group (d); change (d); thickness (d); chemical shift in NMR (d). 3. Prefix indicating a chemical compound to be dextrorotatory; should be avoided when (+) or (-) could be used. (21 Jun 2000)

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