Definition of Defections

1. Noun. (plural of defection) ¹

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Definition of Defections

1. defection [n] - See also: defection

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Literary usage of Defections

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Persona Non Grata: The Expulsion of Civilians from Israeli-occupied Lebanon by Virginia N. Sherry (1999)
"1999: A New Pattern of SLA defections and Expulsions In 1999, there has been a cycle of defections from the SLA, which has been followed by expulsions of ..."

2. A history of the Romans under the empire by Charles Merivale (1865)
"Overthrow of the Parthian monarchy.—Trajan launches on the Persian Gulf.—Is recalled by defections in his rear.—His ill success before Atra. ..."

3. Life of Thurlow Weed Including His Autobiography and a Memoir by Thurlow Weed, Harriet A. Weed, Thurlow Weed Barnes (1883)
"defections FROM THE PARTY. — ALBERT H. TRACY. 1832. — IN the latter part of June we were startled by information that the Asiatic cholera, ..."

4. China and the Chinese: A General Description of the Country and Its by John Livingston Nevius (1869)
"Temptations and defections of Church Members.—Differences and Estrangements among Christians.—Temptations overruled for Good.—Experience of two Native ..."

5. The Christian Science Journal by Mary Baker Eddy (1895)
"defections IN THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. THE Theosophical Society, which started out in India with the avowed object of converting the whole world, ..."

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