Definition of Defective pleading

1. Noun. Any pleading that fails to conform in form or substance to minimum standards of accuracy or sufficiency.

Generic synonyms: Pleading
Category relationships: Jurisprudence, Law

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Literary usage of Defective pleading

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Federal Equity Practice: A Treatise on the Pleadings Used and Practice by Thomas Atkins Street (1909)
"Demurrer Reaches First defective pleading. A demurrer at common law is said to be a general faultfinder, and it is a well-established principle of ..."

2. A Treatise Upon the Law of Pleading Under the Codes of Civil Porcedure of by Philemon Bliss (1894)
"DEFECTIVE) PLEADING—HOW CURED. Section 435. The Basis of the Doctrine. 436. Defects that are Grounds of Demurrer. ... Statutes in aid of defective Pleading ..."

3. Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon by Oregon Supreme Court (1902)
"... says: "Biit when the proper motions have been made to require the adverse party to so amend his defective pleading as to make it definite ..."

4. A Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States: From by J. Kendrick Kinney (1886)
"Where judgment is rendered on a demurrer, an amendment of the defective pleading is a waiver of the judgment. ..."

5. A Treatise on Injunctions and Other Extraordinary Remedies: Covering Habeas by Thomas Carl Spelling (1901)
"defective pleading not aided by Judgment. Affidavits. 986. Same — Description of Property 996. Exhibits. seized. 997. Amendments. 987. ..."

6. A Treatise on Extraordinary Relief in Equity and at Law by Thomas Carl Spelling (1893)
"defective pleading not aided by 986. Same— Description of Property Affidavits. seized. 996. Exhibits. 987. To restrain Mortgage Sale. 997. Amendments. 988. ..."

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