Definition of Dehydration

1. Noun. Dryness resulting from the removal of water.

Exact synonyms: Desiccation
Generic synonyms: Dryness, Waterlessness, Xerotes
Derivative terms: Dehydrate, Dehydrate, Dehydrate, Desiccate, Desiccate, Desiccate

2. Noun. Depletion of bodily fluids.
Generic synonyms: Thirst, Thirstiness
Derivative terms: Dehydrate, Dehydrate

3. Noun. The process of extracting moisture.
Exact synonyms: Desiccation, Drying Up, Evaporation
Generic synonyms: Extraction
Specialized synonyms: Freeze-drying, Lyophilisation, Lyophilization, Inspissation
Group relationships: Plastination
Derivative terms: Dehydrate, Dehydrate, Dehydrate, Desiccate, Desiccate, Evaporate

Definition of Dehydration

1. n. The act or process of freeing from water; also, the condition of a body from which the water has been removed.

Definition of Dehydration

1. Noun. The act or process of freeing from water; also, the condition of a body from which the water has been removed. ¹

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Definition of Dehydration

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Dehydration

1. The condition that results from excessive loss of body water. Synonym: anhydration, deaquation, hypohydration. Origin: L. De = away, Gr. Hydor = water This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Dehydration

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"dehydration by Means of Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate.— The change in the relative stability of sodium sulphate decahydrate and anhydrous salt in presence of ..."

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"dehydration.—Paraffin or collodion may be used as a supporting medium in the infiltration process, but as both of these substances are immiscible with water ..."

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4. Clays: Their Occurrence, Properties, and Uses, with Especial Reference to by Heinrich Ries (1908)
"dehydration.—The dehydration of a clay is produced in several ways, ... dehydration of a clay or shale is often caused by the burning out of adjacent coal ..."

5. The War Garden Victorious by Charles Lathrop Pack (1919)
"Mr. Sweet was selected by Mr. Hoover as head of the dehydration section of the United States Food Administration, and has more recently, in association with ..."

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"dehydration of Tar. — EV Chambers (./. Gas Lighting, 1915, cxxxii., p. 261) states that by means of a ... The dehydration is complete when working at 260°. ..."

7. Asphalts and Allied Substances: Their Occurrence, Modes of Production, Uses by Herbert Abraham (1920)
"The process by which this is accomplished is known as " dehydration." The expulsion of water is brought about by heating the asphalt in a suitable open ..."

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