Definition of Dental floss

1. Noun. A soft thread for cleaning the spaces between the teeth.

Exact synonyms: Floss
Generic synonyms: Thread, Yarn
Derivative terms: Floss

Definition of Dental floss

1. Noun. floss (used to clean the areas between the teeth) ¹

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Literary usage of Dental floss

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Child Welfare Manual: A Handbook of Child Nature and Nuture for Parents by University Society, New York (1919)
"The three essentials to prevent dental decay are a properly constructed toothbrush, dental floss, and an antiseptic mouth-wash. The toothbrush will cleanse ..."

2. Dominion Dental Journal (1906)
"As to dental floss, I think there is a great deal of harm in the use of dental floss because people do not know how to use it quite well enough. ..."

3. The International Dental Journal by Odontological Society of Pennsylvania (1890)
"For convenience these may perhaps be grouped in three or four classes, as follows: 1, instruments proper; 2, napkins; 3, rubber dams, wedges, dental floss, ..."

4. Red Cross Notes by Johnson & Johnson (1900)
"dental floss silk is far preferable and, so far as convenience is ... dental floss can be obtained on spools of twelve and twenty-four yards— waxed or plain ..."

5. Teeth & Health: How to Lengthen Life and Increase Happiness by Proper Care by Thomas J. Ryan, Edwin Frederick Bowers (1921)
"dental floss and Toothpicks. I have spoken elsewhere of the use of dental floss as being preferable to the employment of wooden or quill toothpicks—and ..."

6. The Wonderful House that Jack Has: A Reader in Practical Physiology and by Columbus Norman Millard (1908)
"Using dental floss is a very important part of teeth cleaning. If only a brush is used, food is likely to remain between the teeth, especially when the ..."

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