Definition of Diamond point

1. Noun. A very hard small point made from a diamond.

Generic synonyms: Point
Group relationships: Stylus

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Literary usage of Diamond point

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Diamond: A Study in Chinese and Hellenistic Folk-Lore by Berthold Laufer (1915)
"We shall now discuss one of the most interesting problems bearing on the diamond,— the ancient employment of the diamond-point. THE DIAMOND-POINT. ..."

2. The Monthly Review (1832)
"A bar terminating at one end in a tracing point, and at the other by a short arm, at right angles to the bar, and holding a diamond point, is placed ..."

3. Appletons' Cyclopædia of Applied Mechanics: A Dictionary of Mechanical by Appleton, firm, publishers, New York (1878)
"4 is a diamond-point with angles of 60", used for dividing on metal or for ... 27 is an acute conical-turned diamond-point for engraving and etching on ..."

4. Cotton Spinning: Its Development, Principles, and Practice by Richard Marsden (1888)
"Points of card teeth : needle point, diamond point, chisel point, and hooked point; how to attain the good points and how to avoid the bad ones. ..."

5. Appletons' Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events (1869)
"Each of the slides carries a diamond point mounted in a delicate frame and ... The action of tho magnets thereby withdraws the diamond point from tho plate ..."

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