Definition of Diamondiferous

1. Adjective. (minerology) Yielding diamond. ¹

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Definition of Diamondiferous

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Diamondiferous

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Electric Furnace by Henri Moissan (1904)
"... I have shown that the diamond is easily destroyed by fusion with the alkaline carbonates. INVESTIGATION OF THE diamondiferous SAND OF BRAZIL. ..."

2. Incwadi Yami, Or, Twenty Years' Personal Experience in South Africa by Josiah Wright Matthews, Eric Rosenthal (1887)
"SOURCE OF diamondiferous SOIL. — EXTRACT FROM MESSRS. ... show, there can be no doubt, that the diamondiferous soil of the diamond mines of South Africa is, ..."

3. Report of the Annual Meeting (1885)
"On the diamondiferous Deposits of South Africa and the Ash of the Diamond.1 By Professor Sir HE ... diamondiferous ..."

4. To the Cape for Diamonds: A Story of Digging Experiences in South Africa by Frederick Boyle (1873)
"Size and situation of the four dry diggings—Proportion of diamondiferous ground to the farms—Opening a new " rush "—Character of soils— Manner of ..."

5. Potter's American Monthly (1877)
":t it has been worked down the aver- .s been in value ^100000, and at a feet below the surface diamondiferous »een struck. In spite of these stubborn ..."

6. "Cape Times" Law Reports: A Record of Every Matter Disposed of in the by Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). Supreme Court (1898)
"Mr. AF Brown also alleged that he had taken ground from the well referred to by Taylor, and that it was diamondiferous. The respondents, in their answering ..."

7. The Diamond by Wallis Richard Cattelle (1911)
"... (diamondiferous) 3 3 Taua (diamondiferous) 13 2 The ferruginous clay, like the " red earth" of S. Paulo and the wet diggings of Africa, leaves a residue ..."

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