Definition of Direct quotation

1. Noun. A report of the exact words used in a discourse (e.g.,. "He said `I am a fool'"

Exact synonyms: Direct Discourse
Generic synonyms: Account, Report
Antonyms: Indirect Discourse

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Literary usage of Direct quotation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Grammar of the Greek Language by Alpheus Crosby (1857)
"Thus, A.) A sudden change is often made from indirect to direct quotation. This change may be made either (я.) after the introductory particle ; or (/3. ..."

2. The Elements of Rhetoric and Composition: A Text-book for Schools and Colleges by David Jayne Hill (1878)
"A direct quotation should be inclosed by quotation marks ; as, When Pluto heard that ... A direct quotation is one in which the exact language is reported. ..."

3. Newspaper Reporting and Correspondence: A Manual for Reporters by Grant Milnor Hyde (1916)
"Remember that, after all, the direct quotation is the truly effective part of the speech. Whenever a paragraph contains both direct and indirect quotation, ..."

4. Higher Lessons in English: A Work on English Grammar and Composition, in by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg (1889)
"CAPITAL LETTER—RULE—The first word of a direct quotation making complete sense or of a ... A direct quotation is one whose exact words, as well as thought, ..."

5. A Manual of the Mechanics of Writing by Raymond Woodbury Pence (1921)
"RIGHT. You have too many twos in your answer. RIGHT. Guard against an overabundance of anda and buts. 12. Quotation Marks direct quotation. 79. ..."

6. Essentials of English by Henry Carr Pearson, Mary Frederika Kirchwey (1915)
"HOW direct quotationS ARE WRITTEN With what kind of letter does each direct quotation in the exercise on page 84 begin ? What marks are placed before and ..."

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