Definition of Direct tax

1. Noun. A tax paid directly by the person or organization on whom it is levied.

Generic synonyms: Revenue Enhancement, Tax, Taxation

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Literary usage of Direct tax

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. United States Supreme Court Reports by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, United States Supreme Court (1911)
"“We do not mean to say that an act J Having thus interpreted the statute in laying by apportionment a direct tax on conformity, as we believe, ..."

2. A Manual of the Direct and Excise Tax System of the United States: Including by George Sewall Boutwell (1864)
"... RULINGS UNDER direct tax LAWS. (No. lj first Section of the Act of Congress for the collection of direct taxes in insurrectionary districts^ as to what ..."

3. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1911)
"And as to excise taxes, the chief justice said: "We do not mean to say that an act laying by apportionment a direct tax on all real estate and personal ..."

4. Cyclopedia of American Government by Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin, Albert Bushnell Hart (1914)
"In the state conventions which ratified the Constitution, five different meanings were suggested for "direct tax": (1) a tax on the states; (2) land tax; ..."

5. Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States by Adelaide Rosalia Hasse (1908)
"These claims comprise the 5 per cent claim, direct tax claims. ... Stmt. of condition of direct tax accts. of several states and territories and DC under ..."

6. The Political History of the United States of America During the Period of by Edward McPherson (1875)
"The law did not provide for the apportionment of the tax, and, if it was a direct tax, the law was confessedly unwarranted by the Constitution. ..."

7. Manual of Political Economy by Henry Fawcett (1876)
"If this were done, the poor-rates would become a direct tax. It is, therefore, possible that the words direct and indirect, when applied to a tax, ..."

8. A Treatise on the Power of Taxation, State and Federal, in the United States by Frederick Newton Judson (1917)
"Inheritance Tax Not direct tax.—The meaning of the term direct taxes was thoroughly argued and considered by the court in the case of the inheritance tax ..."

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