Definition of Dish

1. Noun. A piece of dishware normally used as a container for holding or serving food. "We gave them a set of dishes for a wedding present"

2. Verb. Provide (usually but not necessarily food). "The chefs dish the vegetables"; "The entertainers served up a lively show"
Exact synonyms: Dish Out, Dish Up, Serve, Serve Up
Specialized synonyms: Plank
Related verbs: Help, Serve
Generic synonyms: Cater, Ply, Provide, Supply

3. Noun. A particular item of prepared food. "She prepared a special dish for dinner"
Generic synonyms: Aliment, Alimentation, Nourishment, Nutriment, Nutrition, Sustenance, Victuals
Group relationships: Meal, Repast
Specialized synonyms: Piece De Resistance, Adobo, Entremets, Side Dish, Side Order, Special, Casserole, Soup, Stew, Paella, Viand, Mousse, Pudding, Custard, Turnover, Timbale, Fish Finger, Fish Stick, Buffalo Wing, Barbecued Wing, Barbecue, Barbeque, Biriani, Biryani, Escalope De Veau Orloff, Saute, Cake, Patty, Veal Parmesan, Veal Parmigiana, Veal Cordon Bleu, Sandwich Plate, Snack Food, Salad, Curry, Apple Sauce, Applesauce, Boiled Egg, Coddled Egg, Dropped Egg, Poached Egg, Scrambled Eggs, Deviled Egg, Stuffed Egg, Baked Egg, Egg En Cocotte, Shirred Egg, Omelet, Omelette, Souffle, Fried Egg, Coq Au Vin, Chicken Provencale, Chicken And Rice, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Bacon And Eggs, Barbecued Spareribs, Spareribs, Beef Bourguignonne, Boeuf Bourguignonne, Beef Wellington, Filet De Boeuf En Croute, Bitok, Boiled Dinner, New England Boiled Dinner, Boston Baked Beans, Bubble And Squeak, Pasta, Belgian Beef Stew, Carbonnade Flamande, Chicken Marengo, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Maryland Chicken, Chicken Paprika, Chicken Paprikash, Tetrazzini, Chicken Kiev, Chili, Chili Con Carne, Chop Suey, Chow Mein, Coquille, Coquilles Saint-jacques, Croquette, Cottage Pie, Rissole, Dolmas, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Egg Roll, Spring Roll, Eggs Benedict, Enchilada, Falafel, Felafel, Fish And Chips, Fondu, Fondue, Fondu, Fondue, French Toast, Chinese Fried Rice, Fried Rice, Frittata, Frog Legs, Galantine, Fish Ball, Gefilte Fish, Haggis, Ham And Eggs, Hash, Jambalaya, Kabob, Kebab, Shish Kebab, Kedgeree, Seafood Newburg, Lobster Thermidor, Lutefisk, Lutfisk, Macedoine, Meatball, Meat Loaf, Meatloaf, Moussaka, Osso Buco, Pheasant Under Glass, Pilaf, Pilaff, Pilau, Pilaw, Pizza, Pizza Pie, Poi, Pork And Beans, Porridge, Potpie, Rijstafel, Rijstaffel, Rijsttaffel, Italian Rice, Risotto, Roulade, Salisbury Steak, Sauerbraten, Sauerkraut, Scallopine, Scallopini, Scampi, Scotch Egg, Scotch Woodcock, Scrapple, Spaghetti And Meatballs, Spanish Rice, Cannibal Mound, Steak Tartare, Tartar Steak, Pepper Steak, Pepper Steak, Peppered Steak, Steak Au Poivre, Beef Stroganoff, Stuffed Cabbage, Kishke, Stuffed Derma, Stuffed Peppers, Hot Stuffed Tomato, Stuffed Tomato, Cold Stuffed Tomato, Stuffed Tomato, Succotash, Sukiyaki, Sashimi, Sushi, Swiss Steak, Tamale, Tamale Pie, Tempura, Teriyaki, Terrine, Rarebit, Welsh Rabbit, Welsh Rarebit, Schnitzel, Wiener Schnitzel, Taco, Burrito, Tostada, Frijoles Refritos, Refried Beans, Couscous, Ramekin, Ramequin, Mold, Mould
Terms within: Topping, Fixings, Ingredient, Sauce

4. Verb. Make concave; shape like a dish.
Generic synonyms: Form, Shape

5. Noun. The quantity that a dish will hold. "They served me a dish of rice"
Exact synonyms: Dishful
Generic synonyms: Containerful

6. Noun. A very attractive or seductive looking woman.
Exact synonyms: Beauty, Knockout, Looker, Lulu, Mantrap, Peach, Ravisher, Smasher, Stunner, Sweetheart
Generic synonyms: Adult Female, Woman
Derivative terms: Dishy, Stun

7. Noun. Directional antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector for microwave or radio frequency radiation.

8. Noun. An activity that you like or at which you are superior. "Marriage was scarcely his dish"
Exact synonyms: Bag, Cup Of Tea
Generic synonyms: Activity

Definition of Dish

1. n. A vessel, as a platter, a plate, a bowl, used for serving up food at the table.

2. v. t. To put in a dish, ready for the table.

Definition of Dish

1. Noun. A vessel such as a plate for holding or serving food, often flat with a depressed region in the middle. ¹

2. Noun. The contents of such a vessel. ¹

3. Noun. A specific type of prepared food. ¹

4. Noun. (in the plural) Tableware (including cutlery, etc, as well as crockery) that is to be or is being washed after being used to prepare, serve and eat a meal. ¹

5. Noun. a type of antenna with a similar shape to a plate or bowl, as in ''satellite dish'', ''radar dish'' ¹

6. Noun. (slang) A sexually attractive person. ¹

7. Verb. (transitive) To put in a dish or dishes; serve, usually food. ¹

8. Verb. (context: informal slang) To gossip; to relay information about the personal situation of another. ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Dish

1. to put into a dish (a concave vessel) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

Medical Definition of Dish

1. 1. To put in a dish, ready for the table. 2. To make concave, or depress in the middle, like a dish; as, to dish a wheel by inclining the spokes. 3. To frustrate; to beat; to ruin. To dish out. 1. To serve out of a dish; to distribute in portions at table. 2. To hollow out, as a gutter in stone or wood. To dish up, to take (food) from the oven, pots, etc, and put in dishes to be served at table. Origin: Dished; Dishing. 1. A vessel, as a platter, a plate, a bowl, used for serving up food at the table. "She brought forth butter in a lordly dish." (Judg. V. 25) 2. The food served in a dish; hence, any particular kind of food; as, a cold dish; a warm dish; a delicious dish. "A dish fit for the gods." "Home-home dishes that drive one from home." (Hood) 3. The state of being concave, or like a dish, or the degree of such concavity; as, the dish of a wheel. 4. A hollow place, as in a field. 5. A trough about 28 inches long, 4 deep, and 6 wide, in which ore is measured. That portion of the produce of a mine which is paid to the land owner or proprietor. Origin: AS. Disc, L. Discus dish, disc, quoit, fr. Gr. Quoit, fr. To throw. Cf. Dais, Desk, Disc, Discus. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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