Definition of Divergent strabismus

1. Noun. Strabismus in which one or both eyes are directed outward.

Exact synonyms: Exotropia, Walleye
Generic synonyms: Squint, Strabismus

Medical Definition of Divergent strabismus

1. The outward or temporal deviation of an eye. (27 Sep 1997)

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Literary usage of Divergent strabismus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting by American Ophthalmological Society (1893)
"ON THE OPERATIVE TREATMENT OF divergent strabismus. BY EMIL GRUENING, MD, NEW YORK. Absolute divergent strabismus is so often associated with high degrees ..."

2. A Practical Treatise on Ophthalmology by Lawrance Webster Fox (1920)
"Author's Operation for divergent strabismus.—In divergent strabismus the following operation has given the best re- it is best adapted to cases in ..."

3. The Retrospect of Medicine by William Braithwaite (1865)
"ON THE RADICAL CURE OF EXTREME divergent strabismus. By JAMBS VOSE SOLOMON, Esq., Surgeon to the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital, formerly Surgeon to ..."

4. Medical Record by George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman, Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress) (1902)
"We often see this in that form of divergent strabismus depending on a. failure of an operation for convergent squint. After such a muscle is fished out and ..."

5. Diseases of the Eye: A Practical Treatise for Students of Ophthalmology by George Andreas Berry (1893)
"In a similar manner the ideal connection between accommodation and convergence would in the case of myopia lead to a divergent strabismus of the occluded ..."

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