Definition of Domesday

1. n. A day of judgment. See Doomsday.

Definition of Domesday

1. Noun. (obsolete form of doomsday) ¹

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Definition of Domesday

1. doomsday [n -DAYS] - See also: doomsday

Medical Definition of Domesday

1. A day of judgment. See Doomsday. Domesday Book, the ancient record of the survey of most of the lands of England, made by order of William the Conqueror, about 1086. It consists of two volumes, a large folio and a quarto, and gives the proprietors' tenures, arable land, woodland, etc. Alternative forms: Doomsday Book. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Domesday

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The English Historical Review by Mandell Creighton, Justin Winsor, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Reginald Lane Poole, John Goronwy Edwards (1897)
"Notes and Documents domesday AND SOME THIRTEENTH-CENTURY SURVEYS.1 THE domesday description of manors by ploughs gave, no doubt, a fair estimate of value, ..."

2. The History of the Norman Conquest of England: Its Causes and Its Results by Edward Augustus Freeman (1876)
"NOTICES OP COMMENDATION IN domesday. T TAKE the opportunity of another note bearing immediately on domesday to make mention of a small book with which I ..."

3. Publications by English Dialect Society (1881)
"V. domesday MEASUREMENT. IT is perhaps worth while to note here that the system of measurement pursued in the domesday Survey of Leicestershire differs in ..."

4. The Antiquary (1887)
"(HAT do we mean by " domesday "? We are apt, I think, to use that term somewhat loosely. There is first the Great Survey itself, the " Descriptio totius ..."

5. Subject Index of the Modern Works Added to the Library of the British Museum George Knottesford Fortescue by George Knottesford Fortescue (1902)
"BIRCH (W. de G.) Materials for the re-editing of the domesday Book. Land. 1892. 4*. 7704. i. ... Measurements of the domesday of Cambridgeshire. 1884. fol. ..."

6. Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country (1866)
"domesday Book; or, the Great Survey of England of William the Conqueror, ... An Extension of the Latin Text, and an English Translation of the domesday ..."

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