Definition of Double crochet

1. Noun. A kind of crochet stitch.

Exact synonyms: Double Stitch
Generic synonyms: Crochet Stitch
Derivative terms: Double Stitch

2. Verb. Make by double stitching. "They double crochet the cape "
Exact synonyms: Double Stitch
Category relationships: Handicraft
Generic synonyms: Crochet
Derivative terms: Double Stitch

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Literary usage of Double crochet

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Home Maker by Jane Cunningham Croly (1889)
"... one double crochet in loop of five chain*, repeat four times, one single crochet in treble crochet of last row, five chain, shell on shell, ..."

2. The Illustrated Magazine of Art (1854)
"Make a chain of 12 loops, turn back, and work the 12 : • double crochet. ... 3rd : Work double crochet in each loop all round. 4th : Chain 5, mise 2, ..."

3. Vision: A Magazine for Youth (1893)
"2d round—Work 1 double crochet, 1 treble, 3 long treble, 1 treble, 1 double crochet, all under each of the six spaces of two chain, and join evenly at end ..."

4. The Young Lady's Book: A Manual of Amusements, Exercises, Studies, and Pursuits by Matilda Anne Planche Mackarness (1888)
"It must be crocheted together, by working * a stitch of double crochet into ... For the mouth of the purse, work 2 stitches of double crochet into each of ..."

5. Occupations for Little Fingers: A Manual for Grade Teachers, Mothers and by Elizabeth Sage, Anna Maria Cooley (1910)
"Jacket: Begin with a shell of four double crochet in every third stitch of the yoke, until you reach the first point of the yoke; then make a chain of nine ..."

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