Definition of Dry cell

1. Noun. A small Leclanche cell containing no free liquid; the electrolyte is a paste and the negative zinc pole forms the container of the cell; used in flashlights, portable radios, etc..

Group relationships: Dry Battery
Generic synonyms: Leclanche Cell

Definition of Dry cell

1. Noun. Any electrochemical cell whose electrolyte is a solid or stiff paste ¹

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Literary usage of Dry cell

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Chemical Reactions in a dry cell. — The principal chemical •eactions in a dry cell ... This density corresponds to about 0.1 ampere ar a standard dry cell 6 ..."

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"COMPARATIVE TEST OF A CHLORIDE OF SILVER dry cell AND AN ACID CELL. BY GA LIEBIG, JR., Ph.D. A LTHOUGH every one who has ever used an acid ^~~^ battery is ..."

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"Hellesen dry cell.—In the "Hellesen" dry cell, which was introduced into England by Messrs. Siemens Bros. about 1890, the carbon rod, c, is made hollow and ..."

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"Section of dry cell. The dry battery is a common source of battery current for ... The capacity and life of a dry cell depends on the way it is used, ..."

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"The dry cell Battery (a Primary Cell) ; a Chemical Generator of a Direct Flow of ... The dry cell battery is better adapted for ringing door bells or ..."

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"Meserole gives the following composition for a dry cell: Mineral carbon or graphite, ... About the only disadvantages of a good dry cell compared with a ..."

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"In what way does a dry cell resemble a common type of wet cell? Is a dry cell really "dry?" Of what is the positive electrode composed? The negative? ..."

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