Definition of Dry milk

1. Noun. Dehydrated milk.

Exact synonyms: Dried Milk, Milk Powder, Powdered Milk
Generic synonyms: Milk
Specialized synonyms: Nonfat Dry Milk

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Literary usage of Dry milk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Simplified Infant Feeding: With Eighty Illustrative Cases by Roger Herbert Dennett (1920)
"Bonnamour fed fifty-six infants over prolonged periods on dry milk. He found that dry milk was extremely useful and especially valuable in cases of sickly ..."

2. Life in the Moslem East by Pierre Ponafidine (1911)
"... of March—Camping—dry milk as One of the Chief Items of Bedouins' Diet—Their Period of Hunger —Bedouin's Day—What They Eat during Famine Period—Lack of ..."

3. Eating Hints: Recipes and Tips for Better Nutrition During Cancer Treatment edited by Yale New Haven Med Cntr, Yale-New Haven Medical Center Staff (1990)
"... crackers and breakfast items containing milk, butter, margarine, dry milk solids or whey • Powdered coffee cream • Cold cuts or frankfurters containing ..."

4. The Medical Times and Gazette (1863)
"Thus, I found 100 Ibs. of dry grass produced tl-6 Ibs. of dry milk and 2-71 Ibs. of butter; 100 Ibs. of hay, barley, and molasses gave 8-06 Ibs. dry milk ..."

5. Infant Care by Max West (1921)
"dry milk or milk powder.—dry milk has been used successfully in infant feeding abroad ... The first kind contains dry milk. The second kind of patent food, ..."

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