Definition of Eat at

1. Verb. Become ground down or deteriorate. "Her confidence eroded"

Exact synonyms: Erode, Gnaw, Gnaw At, Wear Away
Generic synonyms: Crumble, Decay, Dilapidate
Derivative terms: Erosion, Erosive, Wearing Away

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Literary usage of Eat at

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Secretary of Agriculture by United States Dept. of Agriculture (1888)
"Another bird commencing to eat at 11 am ; died at 1.10 pm ; stomach contained 4 ... Commenced to eat at 9.30 am; badly affected at 2 pm ; dead at 2.54 pm ..."

2. Reports of Cases Ruled and Adjudged in the Several Courts of the United by Alexander James Dallas, Frederick Charles Brightly, United States Supreme Court (1905)
"From this decree, an appeal was interposed, and a writ of error was issued out of, and returnable to, the circuit court, which eat at her as having at her ..."

3. The History of the Crusades by Joseph Fr. Michaud, William Robson (1881)
"Monsieur Gilles de Mailley, himself and ten knights, three thousand livres, and passage and return for his horses; eat at court. ..."

4. New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle: Annotated by Thomas Carlyle by Jane Welsh Carlyle, Thomas Carlyle (1903)
"I shall eat at Birmingham. Ever your LETTER 143 JW CARLYLE. To Dr. Carlyle, Moffat. Chelsea, 'September, 1853.' Thanks dear John for your news of my people ..."

5. The Dawn in Britain by Charles Montagu Doughty (1906)
"The weary strangers eat, at eve, roast flesh, In the king's hall: but eat the men of Erinn, The raw, after their guise, and without bread. ..."

6. Annual Report by Illinois Farmers' Institute (1908)
"They will go away and say they didn't have as much to eat at my house as they did over at my neighbors." Let them say it! Who cares! ..."

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