Definition of Ecologies

1. Noun. (plural of ecology) ¹

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Definition of Ecologies

1. ecology [n] - See also: ecology

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Literary usage of Ecologies

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Gender, Land and Livelihoods in East Africa: Through Farmers' Eyes by Ritu Verma (2001)
"In Peet, R.; Watts, M., ed., Liberation ecologies: Environment, Development and Social Movements. Routledge, London. Schroeder, R. 1999. Shady Practice. ..."

2. Drug Abuse Prevention Through Family Interventions edited by Rebecca S. Ashery, Elizabeth B. Robertson, Karol L. Kumpfer (2000)
"Developmental Period Key ecologies Observable Processes Infancy Home Surrogate ... status and the expanding ecologies of the child must be considered. ..."

3. The Cell Phone: An Anthropology of Communicationby Heather A. Horst, Daniel Miller by Heather A. Horst, Daniel Miller (2006)
"Similarly the communicative ecologies of the church or the taxi system that derive from a consideration of Jamaica differ dramatically from those of ..."

4. Managing Natural Resources for Sustainable Livelihoods: Uniting Science and by Barry Pound (2003)
"... nationality and other dimensions of identity and difference as forces that shape production systems and ecologies, as well as their social consequences. ..."

5. The New Everyday: Views on Ambient Intelligenceby Stefano Marzano by Stefano Marzano (2003)
"As we make our machines and institutions more complex, we have to make them more biological in order to manage them.7 These networked 'ecologies' of ..."

6. Eternally Yours: Time in Design : Product, Value, Sustenance by Ed van Hinte (2004)
"And that is the most important aspect: time ecologies. We have seen this central character, personal time, based on individual interests, but if you look at ..."

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