Definition of Edible banana

1. Noun. Widely cultivated species of banana trees bearing compact hanging clusters of commercially important edible yellow fruit.

Exact synonyms: Musa Paradisiaca Sapientum
Terms within: Banana
Generic synonyms: Banana, Banana Tree

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Literary usage of Edible banana

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Travels in the Philippines by Fedor Jagor (1875)
"The fibre of the edible banana might very well be used as material for paper-making, ... The bast of the edible banana continues still to be used in the ..."

2. A Treatise on Chemistry by Henry Enfield Roscoe, Carl Schorlemmer (1884)
"This plant, which is the non-edible banana, does not flourish in all hot countries, though the edible banana grows luxuriously throughout the tropics. ..."

3. The New International Encyclopædia edited by Daniel Coit Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby (1902)
"The species grown for their fibre, as well as those grown for ornament, usually produce seed, while the edible banana of commerce is seedless. ..."

4. Elementary Household Chemistry: An Introductory Textbook for Students of by John Ferguson Snell (1914)
"Thus with every 65 ounces of edible banana we purchase 35 ounces of banana peel. The zoo-Calorie portion of banana as purchased is therefore 100 ..."

5. Rural Economy: In Its Relations with Chemistry, Physics, and Meteorology by Jean Baptiste Boussingault, George Law (1865)
"... and when the banana is ripe, the shell may be estimated at about 36.8, the edible banana at 73.2 per cent. ..."

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