Definition of Edible sea urchin

1. Noun. A sea urchin that can be eaten.

Exact synonyms: Echinus Esculentus
Generic synonyms: Sea Urchin

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Literary usage of Edible sea urchin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library of Natural History by Richard Lydekker (1901)
"$274, edible sea urchin, . . . 3275 Jaws of Stone Urchin, . . . 3276 Shield Urchin, .... 3276 Fiddle Heart Urchin, . ..."

2. The Natural Conditions of Existence as They Affect Animal Life by Carl Semper (1883)
"... and the edible sea-urchin, Echinus esculentus. Note 62, pags 155. Prof. Verrill, of Yale Coll., US, one of the most accurate students of the American ..."

3. Papers of the Archaeological Institute of America by Archaeological Institute of America, William Cranston Lawton, Joseph Silas Diller, Joseph Thacher Clarke (1898)
"It resulted from this species of boycotting that the corpus delicti was the last eaten at Assos by the explorers. 1 The edible sea-urchin (Echinus ..."

4. The Letters of Cassiodorus: Being a Condensed Translation of the Variae by Cassiodorus, Thomas Hodgkin (1886)
"Examples of gulls, who fly inland when they foresee a storm; of dolphins, which seek the shallower waters; of the edible sea-urchin, ' that honey of flesh, ..."

5. Managing Small-Scale Fisheries: Alternative Directions and Methods by Berkes, Fikret (2001)
"One solution is to enlist the help of the local community to enforce conservation, as documented in St. Lucia for the edible sea urchin resource (Smith and ..."

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