Definition of Edward henry harriman

1. Noun. United States railway tycoon (1848-1909).

Exact synonyms: E. H. Harriman, Harriman
Generic synonyms: Businessman, Man Of Affairs

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Literary usage of Edward henry harriman

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Our Economic and Other Problems: A Financier's Point of View by Otto Hermann Kahn (1920)
"... FIGURE OF AN EPOCH edward henry harriman FIRST met Mr. Harriman in the year 1894. At that time what moderate degree of importance attached to his person ..."

2. The Railway Library by Slason Thompson (1911)
"edward henry harriman BY OTTO H. KAHN. AN ADDRESS DELIVERED BEFORE THE FINANCE FORUM IN NEW YORK ON JANUARY 25, 1911. Mr. Harriman had reached the age of ..."

3. The Cambridge History of American Literature by William Peterfield Trent (1921)
"Harriman, Edward Henry. Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899 [now published by the Smithsonian Inst.]. [Two narrative volumes, 1902, and a number of special ..."

4. The Part Taken by Women in American History by John A. Logan, Mary Simmerson Cunningham Logan (1912)
"Wife of the late edward henry harriman, the great railroad magnate. She takes a position among men through her ability as a business woman. ..."

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