Definition of Elizabeth palmer peabody

1. Noun. Educator who founded the first kindergarten in the United States (1804-1894).

Exact synonyms: Elizabeth Peabody, Peabody
Generic synonyms: Educator, Pedagog, Pedagogue

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Literary usage of Elizabeth palmer peabody

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents (1902)
"THE early work of Miss elizabeth palmer peabody in the promotion of the kindergarten cause in Boston, and later in a more general way in other parts of the ..."

2. Journal of Proceedings, and Addresses by National Educational Association (U.S.) (1895)
"MISS ELIZABETH PALMER PEA BODY. BY WILLIAM E. SHELDON. Miss Elizabeth Palmer Peabody died at her home in Jamaica Plain, ..."

3. An Historical and Biographical Introduction to Accompany the Dial as by George Willis Cooke, Rowfant Club (Cleveland, Ohio) (1902)
"IX ELIZABETH P. PEABODY NOT less as a contributor to " The Dial" than as one of its publishers does elizabeth palmer peabody deserve recognition. ..."

4. Concord Lectures on Philosophy, Comprising Outlines of All the Lectures at by Concord School of Philosophy (1883)
"BY MISS elizabeth palmer peabody.1 "A/PISS PEABODY said : The inclusive subject of childhood was suggested to me by the remarkable dream of the geu- ..."

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