Definition of Evening shift

1. Noun. The work shift during the evening (as 4 p.m. to midnight).

Exact synonyms: Swing Shift
Generic synonyms: Duty Period, Shift, Work Shift

2. Noun. Workers who work during the evening (as 4 p.m. to midnight).
Generic synonyms: Shift

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Literary usage of Evening shift

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biological Rhythms: Implications for the Worker by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"As for amount of time spent with children, nurses on rotating shifts were the least satisfied, although afternoon and evening shift nurses reported that ..."

2. Nursing Homes: Proposal to Enhance Oversight of Poorly Performing Homes Has by William J. Scanlon (1999)
"The resident asked for the medicine on a shift other than the evening shift and was inappropriately denied. The nursing home failed to ensure that residents ..."

3. Community Policing In Madison: Quality From The Inside Out. An Evaluation Of by Mary Ann Wycoff (2004)
"The EPD uses three patrol shifts, a 7 am to 3 pm day shift, a 3 pm to 11 pm evening shift, and an 11 pm to 7 am night shift. When the station opened, ..."

4. What's on the Worker's Mind: By One who Put on Overalls to Find Out, Whiting by Whiting Williams (1920)
"... daylight, changing the following week to the evening shift, and then to the night shift, as is common, for instance, in the hot-mills of steel-rolling ..."

5. Industrial Fatigue and Efficiency by Horace Middleton Vernon (1921)
"Eight women were kept under observation, but two of them stopped work altogether at 5.45 pm, and did not work their short 6.15 to 8.30 pm evening shift, ..."

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