Definition of Extension phone

1. Noun. An additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line.

Exact synonyms: Extension, Telephone Extension
Generic synonyms: Phone, Telephone, Telephone Set

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Literary usage of Extension phone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Commission Leaflets by Legal dept, American Telephone and Telegraph Company (1919)
"... business 'phone 1 30 Party rural residence 'phone 1 20 One-way service 75 Extension 'phone 75 Call bells 35 Party line special 75 It is further ordered, ..."

2. The Meaning of Mandela: A Literary and Intellectual Celebration by Xolela MacPherson Mangcu (2007)
"My father got on the phone and I said, 'Daddy, Daddy, put Mama on the extension phone.' I mean, you didn't have two phones in those days - you had a phone ..."

3. Public Utilities Reports by Henry Clifford Spurr, Ellsworth Nichols, Public Utilities Reports, inc (1916)
"... .25 per month for extension ringer. .50 per month for extension phone. ., .25 in addition to each of the above rates for a desk set or microphone. ..."

4. A Catalog of National ISDN Solutions for Selected NIUF Applications (1993)
" Wiring', Powering and extension phones Working Group An ad hoc wiring, powering and extension phone (WPE) working group was formed at the June 1993 ..."

5. Household Engineering: Scientific Management in the Home by Christine Frederick, American School of Home Economics (1919)
"If you have a 'phone, kindly ask friends or local calls to be made only within definite most convenient periods or have an extension 'phone upstairs. ..."

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