Definition of Face towel

1. Noun. A small towel used to dry the hands or face.

Exact synonyms: Hand Towel
Generic synonyms: Towel

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Literary usage of Face towel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Personal Hygiene and Physical Training for Women by Anna Mary Galbraith (1916)
"A soft, woven face towel, kept for the face and neck only, should be used with a moderate degree of friction. Great care must be used to wipe the skin ..."

2. A Scholar's Letters from the Front by Stephen Henry Hewett (1918)
"(I infer that nobody minds using his own face-towel for his own feet.) Just as I write, Madame rushes in to say that Latham has just called the French ..."

3. The Child Welfare Manual: A Handbook of Child Nature and Nuture for Parents by University Society, New York (1919)
"Face-towel and face wash-cloth should not be used for the body. It is very easy to keep these separate. Those used for the face may be smaller, ..."

4. The Mothercraft Manual by Mary Lillian Read (1916)
"Wipe face and ears with soft face towel; pat body dry with towel. Dry the head thoroughly. Lay baby on table and wrap in dry Turkish towel. ..."

5. The Mothercraft manual by Mary Lillian Read (1916)
"Wipe face and ears with soft face towel; pat body dry with towel. Dry the head thoroughly. Do not rub with towel before ten months. ..."

6. A Textbook of Simple Nursing Procedure for Use in High Schools: Together by Amy Elizabeth Pope (1921)
"Put one corner of a face towel between the patient's face and the roll of rubber and leave the rest of it free to wipe her face with, if necessary, ..."

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