Definition of Factor xi

1. Noun. Coagulation factor whose deficiency results in a hemorrhagic tendency.

Medical Definition of Factor xi

1. Stable blood coagulation factor involved in the intrinsic pathway. The activated form xia activates factor ix to ixa. Deficiency of factor xi is often called haemophilia c. Chemical name: Blood-coagulation factor XI (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Factor xi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Severe Disability: A Text for Rehabilitation Counselors, Other edited by Walter C. Stolov, Michael R. Clowers (2000)
"... or other rare coagulation factor deficiencies, namely factor VII, factor X, or factor XI deficiency. Etiology Even before the laws of Mendelian genetics ..."

2. Theory and Applications of Finite Groups by George Abram Miller, Hans Frederick Blichfeldt, Leonard Eugene Dickson (1916)
"For, there are exactly four values of r for which <tt has a linear factor xi— mx2 — nxA. Replacing xi by in <tt, we obtain a cubic function of *2 and XA ..."

3. The Discipline of the School by Frances Milton Irene Morehouse (1914)
"Immediate and delayed consequences; advantages of each; age as a factor in the decision; the nature of the offense as a factor; certainty as a factor. XI. ..."

4. The Madison Colloquium 1913 by Leonard Eugene Dickson, William Fogg Osgood (1914)
"Since Lm is an invariant of Fm and has the factor xi, it follows from an examination of its diagonal term that* m p— i (17) I^ = II X (** + ck+ixk+i + ..."

5. An Elementary Treatise on the Differential and Integral Calculus: With by George Abbott Osborne (1891)
"... we omit the factor (xi + y1), we shall have instead of the moment, the area, of the given surface. That is, Area= JJ dxdy= jj dydx, the limits being ..."

6. Digestive Diseases of the U. S.: Epidemiology and Impact edited by James E. Everhart (1994)
"... Excludes: factor VIII deficiency with vascular defect (286.4) 286.1 Congenital factor IX disorder 286.2 Congenital factor XI deficiency 286.3 Congenital ..."

7. Mathematical and Physical Papers by George Gabriel Stokes, John William Strutt Rayleigh (1904)
"The series and the exponential are both such functions, and for the factor xi we have simply to replace the amplitude — 22° 30' by — 37° 30'. ..."

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