Definition of Factorable

1. Adjective. (mathematics) Capable of being factored. For integers synonyms are composite, non-prime. ¹

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Definition of Factorable

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Factorable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. First-year Mathematics for Secondary Schools by George William Myers, William Rockwell Wickes, Ernst Rudolf Breslich, Harris Franklin MacNeish, Ernest August Wreidt (1907)
"... factorable FORMS A knowledge of factoring is often necessary in operations with fractions. § 61 . Factoring in Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms 1 . ..."

2. Algebra for Schools by George W. Evans (1899)
"CHAPTER V. factorable EQUATIONS. 123. A theorem has been defined as a general statement requiring demonstration ; and an axiom as a general statement not ..."

3. The Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Legh Wilber Reid (1910)
"Hence p is not a prime in k( V — 3), and, since the only way in which a rational prime is factorable in k( V — 3) is into two conjugate primes, ..."

4. Algebra: For High Schools and Colleges by Ellen Hayes (1897)
"An expression consisting of the sum of two quantities is factorable. That is, a + 6 is factorable, for a+fc As examples of these three cases, ..."

5. School Algebra by George Wentworth, David Eugene Smith (1913)
"Prime and factorable Expressions. An expression that contains no factors except itself and unity is said to be prime. An expression that contains factors ..."

6. Academic Algebra by George Wentworth, David Eugene Smith (1913)
"Prime and factorable ... An expression that contains factors other than itself and unity is said to be factorable. In factoring an expression we separate it ..."

7. Second Course in Algebra by Walter Burton Ford, Charles Ammerman (1920)
"This form is factorable in accordance with the following formula. ... But a2- 62 is itself factorable, coming under type (6) of § 11. ..."

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