Definition of Factored

1. Verb. (past of factor) ¹

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Definition of Factored

1. factor [v] - See also: factor

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Literary usage of Factored

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elementary Algebra by Herbert Ellsworth Slaught, Nels Johann Lennes (1915)
"State the conditions under which can be factored by inspection. Can a? ... Can 6 a;2 + 13 xy + 6 y2 be so factored ? 9. What are the factors of Can a? ..."

2. The Elements of High School Mathematics: Comprising Arithmetic, Practical by John Bascom Hamilton, Herbert Earle Buchanan (1921)
"Polynomials which can be factored by the foregoing process usually contain ... Notice carefully that an expression is not factored when its separate terms ..."

3. College Algebra: With Applications by Ernest Julius Wilczynski (1916)
"12a Use of the factored form of /(*) in plotting. If the linear factors of a function f(x) are known, it is very easy to draw the graph of the function. ..."

4. College Algebra by James Harrington Boyd (1901)
"GCD of Quantities which are Readily factored—If the quantities are readily factored their GCD can be readily found by the rule: Resolve the quantities into ..."

5. An Elementary Course in Analytic Geometry by John Henry Tanner, Joseph Allen (1898)
"Condition that the general quadratic expression may be factored. The most general equation of the second degree between two variables may be written in the ..."

6. Numbers Universalized: An Advanced Algebra by David Martin Sensenig (1890)
"To find the lowest common multiple of quantities readily factored. Illustrations.—1. Find the L. С. М. of a + Ъ, а — Ъ, and à? — Ь2. ..."

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