Definition of Fagged

1. Adjective. Drained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted. "You look worn out"

Definition of Fagged

1. Verb. (past of fag) ¹

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Definition of Fagged

1. fag [v] - See also: fag

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Literary usage of Fagged

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Civil War in Song and Story: 1860-1865 by Frank Moore (1889)
"They fagged, hungry, thirsty, lmt indomitable. At an early hour there was a universal snore through the Naval School of Annapolis. school owing to political ..."

2. A Series of Letters from London Written During the Years 1856, '57, '58, '59 by George Mifflin Dallas, Julia Dallas (1869)
"If I stopped long enough to arrange ideas and words, I should be worse fagged than I was in shooting, and you would lose this precious piece of fanfaronade ..."

3. On the frontier: reminiscences of wild sports, personal adventures, and by J. S. Campion (1878)
"The Start—Unsatisfactory Travelling—The Camping ground—A wakeful Night—fagged-ont and short Commons—The Mosca Pass in sight—An Ocean of Air—The Gap—Danger—A ..."

4. Pioneer Days in California by John Carr (1891)
"fagged team. —Hunting water.—The relief wagon.—Carson river.—Plenty of grass and water.—Crossing the Sierra Nevadas.—Through Emigrant Canyon—Reflections. ..."

5. Wanted by Lloyd Cassel Douglas (1920)
"I fagged AT FORTY THE deep-toned Westminster chimes in the tower of Broad Street Church resonantly tolled the three-quarters. This was the most important ..."

6. A Winter from Home by Charles A. Clinton (1852)
"ment that are so generally perceptible, are the greatest recommendations to the stranger, who is fagged and wearied with the worldly struggle from which he ..."

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