Definition of Family Camelidae

1. Noun. Camels and llamas and vicunas.

Exact synonyms: Camelidae
Generic synonyms: Mammal Family
Group relationships: Artiodactyla, Order Artiodactyla
Member holonyms: Camelus, Genus Camelus, Genus Lama, Lama, Genus Vicugna, Vicugna

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Literary usage of Family Camelidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Dental Association at Its ... Annual Session by American Dental Association (1898)
"Moschus moschiferus (Musk Deer), Central Asia. Family Tragulidae.—Tragulus javanicus (Chevrotain), Malay Peninsula. family Camelidae. ..."

2. Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute, Or Philosophical by Victoria Institute (Great Britain) (1908)
"The remarkable family Camelidae which has now only two genera in the Old World and one genus in the New World, ..."

3. Outlines of Economic Zoölogy by Albert Moore Reese (1919)
"Belonging to the same family (Camelidae) with the camels are the Llama and Alpaca, which have been domesticated for centuries by the Peruvians. ..."

4. Natural History in Zoological Gardens: Being Some Account of Vertebrated Animals by Frank Evers Beddard (1905)
"It is a member of the family Camelidae or group Tylopoda by virtue of the facts that (1) the limbs are not and have not the least trace of the fourth and ..."

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