Definition of Family Carabidae

1. Noun. Ground beetles.

Exact synonyms: Carabidae
Generic synonyms: Arthropod Family
Group relationships: Coleoptera, Order Coleoptera
Member holonyms: Carabid Beetle, Ground Beetle, Brachinus, Genus Brachinus, Genus Calosoma

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Literary usage of Family Carabidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biological Control of Insects and Mites: An Introduction to Beneficial by Daniel L. Mahr, Nino M. Ridgway (1993)
"By far, the two most important families in crop protection are the predaceous ground beetles (family Carabidae) and the lady beetles (family Coccinellidae). ..."

2. Injurious and Useful Insects: An Introduction to the Study of Economic by Louis Compton Miall (1902)
"... family Carabidae (ground-beetles). All the legs adapted for running. There are many species of the same general structure and mode of life. ..."

3. The Fauna of Mayfield's Cave by Arthur Mangun Banta (1907)
"Of the family Carabidae, there are 12000 or 13000 species known. Nearly all are terrestrial and there are many with rudimentary wings. ..."

4. Labrador, the Country and the People by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell (1909)
"More than one-third of all the known Labrador beetles belong to one family (Carabidae). The species of this family are carnivorous, feeding on other forms ..."

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