Definition of Family Palaemonidae

1. Noun. Prawns.

Exact synonyms: Palaemonidae
Generic synonyms: Arthropod Family
Group relationships: Natantia, Suborder Natantia
Member holonyms: Genus Palaemon, Palaemon

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Literary usage of Family Palaemonidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Fresh-water Biology by Henry Baldwin Ward, George Chandler Whipple (1918)
"... but a form very closely allied to the American is known from caves in Carniola, Austria. In the family Palaemonidae is included Palaemonetes ..."

2. Bulletin by Smithsonian Institution, Dept. of the Interior, United States Dept. of the Interior, United States National Museum, United States (1919)
"Each of the two overlapping segments has the posterior angle produced backward in a rounded lobe of moderate size. Family PALAEMONIDAE. ..."

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