Definition of Family Oscillatoriaceae

1. Noun. Blue green algae.

Exact synonyms: Oscillatoriaceae
Generic synonyms: Bacteria Family
Group relationships: Class Cyanobacteria, Class Cyanophyceae, Cyanophyceae
Member holonyms: Genus Trichodesmium

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Literary usage of Family Oscillatoriaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Design, Operation and Training Manual for an Intensive Culture Shrimp Hatchery by Granvil D. Treece, Joe M. Fox (1999)
"... certain filamentous blue-green algae, all belonging to the family Oscillatoriaceae, have been implicated as causing the HE disease syndrome in primarily ..."

2. Bulletin (1906)
"A few of the Cyanophyceae, of the family Oscillatoriaceae, are distinguished for their power of spontaneous movement, which is generally slow, ..."

3. Phytoplankton of the Inland Lakes of Wisconsin by Gilbert Morgan Smith (1920)
"... Family OSCILLATORIACEAE. Trichomes free-floating, sessile, epiphytic, or endophytic; of one or mere cells forming simple or branched filaments with one ..."

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