Definition of Fan mail

1. Noun. Mail sent to public figures from their admirers. "He hired someone to answer his fan mail"

Terms within: Fan Letter
Generic synonyms: Mail, Post

Definition of Fan mail

1. Noun. Mail sent to a public figure by their fans. ¹

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Literary usage of Fan mail

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Letters from the Pacific: A Combat Chaplain in World War II by Russell Cartwright Stroup (2000)
"I'll try to answer as many of the letters in my fan mail as I have addresses. They deserve some recognition besides Harper's form letters. I'll do my best. ..."

2. Tango in America by Steve C. Baldwin (2005)
"He answered her fan mail, kept peace among the musicians, talked to the press, and attended every rehearsal. The band rehearsed all winter in an old freight ..."

3. The Blair House Papers: National Performance Review by Bill Clinton (1998)
"And many government agencies are getting fan mail for providing better service. But there is a great deal more to do. We must give Americans the tools to ..."

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