Definition of Fan tracery

1. Noun. The carved tracery on fan vaulting.

Group relationships: Fan Vaulting
Generic synonyms: Tracery

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Literary usage of Fan tracery

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Hand-book for Visitors to Oxford by John Henry Parker, Thomas Orlando Sheldon Jewitt, John Le Keux (1875)
"At the south end of the dais (or raised platform for the high table) is a fine bay- Springing of the Fan-tracery. ..."

2. Architectural Notes on German Churches: With Notes Written During an by William Whewell (1842)
"On the Nomenclature of Fan-tracery Roofs, or Concavo-convex Vaulting. ... These roofs are commonly called roofs of " fan-tracery," and are described by ..."

3. The Imperial Island: England's Chronicle in Stone by James Frothingham Hunnewell (1886)
"... of curious recesses, and upon the south a rare and beautiful example of the monkish lavatories. The fan tracery upon the vaulting is peculiarly English, ..."

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