Definition of Federal savings bank

1. Noun. A federally chartered savings bank.

Exact synonyms: Fsb
Generic synonyms: Savings Bank

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Literary usage of Federal savings bank

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Who's who in Finance and Banking by John William Leonard (1922)
"Charles Frederick, Commonwealth federal savings bank, Detroit, Mich. Transportation of (leer: b. Detroit. Mich., Apr. 20. 1859; s. of Frederick and Ellen ..."

2. The Principles of Rural Credits as Applied in Europe and as Suggested for by James Bale Morman (1915)
"The General or Federal Savings-Bank is strictly a state institution, corresponding to the postal savings-bank of some countries. In Belgium it has no share ..."

3. Financial Services Reform: Congressional Hearing edited by Michael G. Oxley (1999)
"They also can own or affiliate with a federal savings bank, a credit card bank, or an industrial loan company, all of which accept FDIC-insured deposits. ..."

4. Banking in California 1849-1910 by Benjamin Cooper Wright (1910)
"The federal savings bank of San Francisco was organized in March, 1903, and reported two years later its resources at ..."

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