Definition of Fiber bundle

1. Noun. A bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers).

Exact synonyms: Fascicle, Fasciculus, Fibre Bundle
Specialized synonyms: Fornix, Trigonum Cerebrale, Nerve, Nervus
Generic synonyms: Nerve Tissue, Nervous Tissue
Group relationships: Nervous System, Systema Nervosum

Definition of Fiber bundle

1. Noun. (context: topology US) A topological space that, if one examines only a small part of it at a time, looks consistently like some product space ¹

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Literary usage of Fiber bundle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Yang-Mills, Kaluza-Klein, and the Einstein Program by Robert Hermann (1978)
"THE KALUZA-KLEIN SPACE AS A fiber bundle Let us examine what this might mean in the general context of Riemannian manifolds and fiber space. ..."

2. Geometric Computing Science: First Steps by Robert Hermann (1991)
"The fiber bundle Structure of the Greatest Common Divisor Algorithms In this section, we shall consider the two GCD algorithms commonly used as examples ..."

3. International Trade and Core Labour Standards by OECD Staff, Organization For Economic Cooperat OECD (2000)
"Let (P, n, N) be a holomorphic fiber bundle over N with standard fiber M. If M is hyperbolic and N is simply connected, then (P, n, N) is a trivial fiber ..."

4. Cartanian Geometry, Nonlinear Waves, and Control Theory. by Robert Hermann (1980)
"They form a subset F of F which is invariant under the action of G. Thus a controllable linear system is a cross-section of the associated fiber bundle E ..."

5. Development of Mathematics in the 19th Century by Felix Klein, Robert Hermann (1979)
"Much of Elie Cartan's work in geometry was inspired by this vision, and it in turn led to modern fiber bundle theory. Another path led to tensor analysis, ..."

6. Topics in Physical Geometry by Robert Hermann (1988)
"In this way, FR(X) -‘- X is exhibited as a principal fiber bundle, with structure group CL(n,R). This identification defines the connection for this fiber ..."

7. Quantum Statistical Mechanics and Lie Group Harmonic Analysis by Norman Hurt, Robert Hermann (1980)
"(We started off with G as the subgroup, since it was the structure group of the principal fiber bundle, and in differential geometry it is customary to ..."

8. The Microscopy of Technical Products by Thomas Franz Hanausek (1907)
"If we follow the course of a bast ray inward, we will notice that a more or less four-cornered bast-fiber bundle is followed by a section of bast parenchyma ..."

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